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Intimate Weddings: Cake edition

Due to the certain C-word, weddings are starting to look a little different. This blog is all about the beauty in little cakes and the amazing things you can do in the way of sweets for an intimate wedding. As much as the current situation and restrictions suck for wedding celebrations (and everything else), I am loving seeing the positives that are coming out. People focusing on the smaller things at their wedding - having the little details that they wanted but couldn't afford on a big scale, making sure they have the people they want by their sides, focusing on the thing that matters most - the marriage. And another thing I am loving to see and think about is the different options in the way of the wedding cake! Lets face it, if you've only got 30 guests (maybe - if the government make their minds up!) you're probably not going to want the wedding cake the same size as originally booked. Maybe you do - no judgement here. Cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner sounds good to me. But I'm here to tell you that having a smaller cake doesn't mean it will be any less special. Take the cake below for example - a one tier small cake to feed around 30 that you could put next to any 5 tier wedding cake and it would still hold its own show stopping ability.

woodland wedding, disco wedding, black wedding cake
Disco Wedding Cake - Photo Credit - Gina Fernandes Photography

I'm not going to lie, this cake is daring and won't fit with everyone's theme, so don't think that to have a special looking smaller cake it has to be this vibrant because that's not the case. A simple mini buttercream or semi naked cake will still look incredible dressed up with some flowers to match your bouquet or some fresh berries! Take a look at this little semi naked beauty...

Photo Credit - Lianne Gray Photo

As a cake maker, I probably shouldn't be saying this, but if you're having a smaller wedding, it might be a great opportunity to have a crack at making your own wedding cake without having to stress about stacking lots of tiers or transporting a big cake. Make your own cake together as a little way to spend some time together - here to give advice if needed!

Photo Credit - Me taking a last minute photo before customer collection

My overall point is, there is always need for cake. Even if you are eloping with just the two of you, having a cake to tuck into with a glass or fizz or a cuppa is always a good idea. Intimate doesn't have to mean skipping out on anything, especially the sweet things! Take care everyone, Sophie xo

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