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Choosing the Right Venue For You

Choosing the right venue is the biggie when it comes to planning your wedding. When we started thinking about where to have our wedding, we had both a blessing and a curse. Between us (Matt being in a wedding band, and me delivering wedding cakes), we have visited so many venues in the area, so have seen some gorgeous places. However, we have also ruled a lot out as they just weren't our style, or the vibe we love. But that is the thing - just because a venue is undeniably gorgeous, doesn't mean it is the right one for you. So how do you know what will make the best venue for you?

Think about the style that suits you as a couple and also the sort of wedding you want. Don't choose a large orangery based venue if you want it to be intimate. And equally, don't choose a DIY barn wedding if you want an elegant, polished look. As I said before, just because a venue is gorgeous, doesn't mean it is right for your wedding.

Have a sit down and think about the rough guest numbers before you start viewing venues. There is no use falling in love with a venue and then finding out it is too small to host everyone you want there. Same goes for small guest lists and huge venues - everyone will feel lost. Although it's not the dream way of planning a wedding, you have to be realistic about your budget. We love loads of venues, but they turned out to be just too expensive for our budget - and thats just something you have to come to terms with. Don't get caught out by the food bill at venues either. Venues can appear budget friendly with their hire prices and then charge through the roof for your wedding breakfast - watch out for hidden charges.

Consider the location for you and your guests. We are getting married in a local church and couldn't find something suitable which is nearby, so ended up booking a reception venue which is 40 minutes away. This was our limit for distance, even though its over what we ideally wanted. But, if there are hotels and places to stay nearby the venue, people can stay if they want to. Just don't push the distance too long so that it causes problems for you and your guests. The most important thing that should decide your venue is the feeling. We got the feeling when we visited our venue - from the village it was in to the moment we walked it, it felt like us. Your wedding, is your wedding. Though its nice to consider your guests, don't let this rule your wedding too much. Choose the right venue for you. Happy hunting!

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