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Get to know Red Robin Cakery

Let me introduce myself - I am Sophie, owner of Red Robin Cakery. We run our small business from home in Nottingham, and have done so now for around 3 years. I started the business when I was studying at university (I surprisingly studied Criminology - nothing baking related, but that's a whole other blog post!). Originally, we were primarily doing cupcakes and the odd birthday cake as a small, part time job. This progressed to Red Robin Cakery becoming my full time job, where we get to provide the most amazing customers with wedding cakes, celebration cakes and a few other sweet treats.

Me and the Cake I made for my Brother and Sister-in-Law's Wedding (In Pennsylvania)

The question I get asked a lot - "How Did You Get Into Baking?". I've been baking all my life - my Mum is a great cook and baker, and she's been making cakes with me for as long as I can remember. She was taught by my Grandma, who was a great baker too - her cherry cake will be remembered forever. Here is a picture of me making my first cake, back when it was still acceptable for me to sit on the kitchen counter.

Baking my First Cake - well, licking the spoon!

Baking has always been something I really enjoyed doing at home. With 3 older brothers who were into fitness, I was only allowed to make Bran Muffins - which still get requested some 10 years later, every time any of them visit from the US. All of my decorating and fondant stills came from practice and copious amounts of youtube videos - but like any job, I learn something new every day. Every single order we get through, means the world to us. That's why we put all the love in the world into every cake we make. Our small business means you aren't talking to a big, corporate company about your dream Wedding Cake, or your Daughter's 1st Birthday Cake - you'll be talking to me, designing with me and having your cake delivered by me. Thank you for taking the time to get to know our business! Sophie xo

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