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How Can You Save Money On Your Wedding Cake?

When planning a wedding, money can become tight. Budgets are hard to stick to when you start to see all the beautiful things that are out there, so chances are you're starting to look for opportunities to cut down on the costs a little bit. To give you a helping hand, we have put together a few ideas on where you can cut corners, without missing out on anything.

Cake Style: If budget for your wedding cake is low, you should take this into consideration when choosing what style to go for. Going for a fondant iced wedding cakes is likely to add at least £100 onto the price compared to something like a naked cake. If you want a cheaper cake, but still want the polished, traditional look of a fondant cake, try going for a buttercream style - just as elegant but will allow you to be a little more frugal.

Elegant Buttercream Cake

Cake Decoration:

Having sugar flowers for decoration on your wedding cake can really start to bump up the cost. Some of you will be set on the style of cake you want, but this doesn't mean there aren't options out there that will look the same but save you some pennies. Naked and Semi Naked cakes look perfect paired with fresh fruit or fresh flowers, but don't be put off this option just because they are having a fondant cake. Fondant cakes look beautiful with fresh flowers too - plus this means they can match the rest of your wedding flowers too!

Fondant Ruffle Cake with Gorgeous Fresh Blooms

Go For a Dessert Table: Save yourself money by using your wedding cake for dessert instead. Rather than paying £10 a head for a run of the mill dessert from the caterer, get a varieties of goodies from brownies to cupcakes and have a small cutting cake for the photos. If you have a lot of guests, this could also be a great way to save some money. Adding some extra bits around a smaller main cake will give you the extra servings that you need, without needing to make your main cake bigger and therefore bumping up the price.

Dessert Table

The wedding cake will be a different level of priority for each couple, but wherever it is on the list, its a great place to start. We are here to help if you need any advise. Give your cake maker a budget, and they will be able to best advise what your options are.

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