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5 quick tips to start your wedding planning

Newly Engaged? Get ahead of the game with our 5 quick tips for starting the planning!

1. Plan Your Budget

Budget for everything, so nothing is a surprise. Don't forget to budget for your honeymoon! Before we started planning, we had a budget in mind. As soon as you start adding everything up, it soon builds up so make sure you don't underestimate it.

2. Your Dress

It's an amazing part of your big day, but it can be overwhelming!

Rachel Attwell from Luella's Boudoir says "Start the search for your perfect bridal gown by trying on some party dresses". This will allow you to experiment with fabrics and styles easier and know what you really like. Starting your search early means you don't get stressed about it.

3. Your Venue

The wedding venue choice is huge so do your research. Make sure you have considered room for catering, live bands and any other props your may want.

Imagine dressing the venue. Chair covers, flowers and props can really transform a venue so have this in mind when you view a venue.

4. The Guest List

Narrowing down the guest list can be one of the hardest and most stressful parts of planning - so don't let it hang over your head. Costs per head are a big expense, so be firm and don't get guilt-tripped! It can also narrow your venue choices too, so take this into consideration.

5. Make Sure You Feel Fabulous

It is so important that you feel amazing on your big day. Picking the right make up artist and hair stylist for you will make you feel a million dollars, and they can book up quickly. Remember to avoid the common beauty mishaps, like last minute orange spray tans!

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